AT&T Internet Service – Fast, Flexible, and Fun!

It’s hard to beat AT&T internet service for availability, affordability, and quality of speed.  There are so many choices, from a straight out 19.95 a month with no term commitment, to bundled services for phone, internet, and digital television.  And of course, in some areas, there is AT&T U-Verse, a seamless blend of high speed cutting edge technology which makes your phone, computer, and television all work together.

The very basic internet service is DSL, at the low rate of 19.95 a month.  This is standard speed, up to 768 Kbps, and Wi-Fi access at thousands of hotspots is included.  Speeds increase up to 6.0 Mbps.  Right now, there’s an online special offering a credit of $19.95 for three months.  Terms and conditions apply for this offer.

Next, there are bundled services.  You can bundle home phone with internet for as little as $60 a month.  This includes unlimited local and long distance calling with AT&T High Speed Internet Express.  You can add digital satellite TV to this bundle for around $100 a month total.  Some promotions include a $50 AT&T Reward Card.

Finally, there’s AT&T Uverse.  This is a 100% digital connection with the fastest speeds possible. You can combine Uverse Broadband with Uverse Television, or just get each separate.  There are rebates of up to $200 for Uverse, depending on the plan you choose.  These promotions are online only, and highly customizable.  They include free Wi-Fi, and television services include total home DVR.  You can record on one DVR and play on any TV in your home.  You can build your own bundle of up to 4 services.  The savings are significant, and so is the quality.

AT&T internet service comes in such a flexible variety of choices, savings, and areas, you’ll want to take advantage of every offer they have. Make the choice that is right for you.