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Finding Internet Service Providers in My Area

When you are searching for a reliable ISP, it can be a frustrating experience to respond to an enticing advertisement, only to find out that the service is not provided in your neighborhood.  In some cases, it might be available on the next block or in the next town, but not at your address. So before pursuing a great offer and wasting valuable time, it is best to learn the internet service providers in your area.

This is especially important if you have moved to another state, or are relocating.  Look into the websites of major internet providers, and see if they service the neighborhood you’re moving to.  Offering internet service in a particular state is no guarantee of availability in your neighborhood, since coverage may not extend to the entire state.  You should be able to find at least two of the major providers who will be available to you, and then you can concentrate on searching for the best deals available. Be sure to take advantage of online-only offers.

Find The Type Of Wireless Service You’re Looking For

Wireless service is the ultimate in convenience when you want your internet to travel with you. And you may not have known it, but there is more than one type. If you want to learn more about wireless internet but don’t know where to begin, using a wireless ISP comparison guide is a great place to start. Not only will all the information you need be easy to locate, but you can educate yourself about what kind of wireless connection is available to you. However, knowing what you need as far as speed and pricing goes is just as important. There’s all kinds of information ready for you to review and assist you with deciding about wireless. And you never have to wait to talk to someone.

Qwest Internet — Reliability and Great Customer Service

If you are fortunate enough to be in a Qwest Internet network, you will be pleased to know that Qwest takes customer satisfaction very seriously.  They are interested in making sure that your online connection is reliable, and the speed you are paying for is the speed that you get.  They have available some terrific offers right now — their 1.5 Mbps speed is available for $14.99.  For an amazing $25 a month you have access to 7 Mbps, and $35 will get you 12 Mbps.  Qwest is also increasing their fiber optics network at this time, with speeds up to 20 Mbps for only $45.  Every Qwest subscription at this time also receives a free modem and WiFi.  Compare Qwest to the other top providers, and you will find they are very competitive.

Save Money & Reduce Stress This Holiday Season With Coupons

Although the blogs is dedicated to broadband and high speed internet service providers, we thought it would be useful to also cover some of the great deals that are available online and are made possible because of the high speed internet world. Our first feature is a site that is dedicated to tracking all the current coupons. Whenever there is a laser targeted site that is updated on a regular basis, it is worthwhile talking about it since it is making the web a better place.

If you are considering a purchase from, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of a 10% or even 20% off your purchase. Why not? If you will be buying that special someone a present this season, what easier way than in the comfort of your own home without having to search for jewelry at the crowded mall. They even have a user rated system that shows customer satisfaction in an unbiased and transparent way.

Home Internet Users And Broadband

If you are a home Internet user, should you go for a broadband Internet connection? I definitely say yes, because there are many advantages in having a connection that is always ready to dish out the varied and exciting content that is available in the web today. Some of the popular uses of a high bandwidth net connection are making video phone calls and purchasing pay per view video content.

Fastest Cruise Ship

Holding the record of the fastest cruise ship is the “Royal Olympic Cruises’ Olympic Voyager” travels at 27-knot average cruising speed. This allows the ship to sail weekly to all three continents namely Europe, Africa and Asia. The ship can carry up to 840 passengers only compared to other cruise ships that can accommodate up to 4,000 passengers. This is because the cruise ship is designed to make the passengers feel that they are just in a yacht with hi tech design that has the first spa afloat, swimming pools, library, bar, casino and even shopping area. Cost may be a little too pricey for more than a thousand dollars plus additional for the port charges that may apply.

Top 5 Fastest Roller Coasters

If you’re looking for some thrill rides, then this may help you. We list down the top 5 fastest roller coasters in theme parks, not for the faint hearted! Tied on number four spot is “Superman: The Escape” of SixFlags in California and “Tower of Terror” in Dreamworld Australia, both with maximum speed of 100 miles per hour. Third is “Dodonpa” located at Fuji-Q Highland Park, Japan with speed at around 106.9 miles per hour. Top 2 is the “Top Thrill Dragster” roller coaster in Cedar Point, USA traveling at the speed of 120 miles per hour. And, the reigning fastest steel roller coaster is still “Kingda Ka” of SixFlags in New Jersey with the speed of 128 miles per hour.

World’s Fastest Satellite Internet

Kizuna Satellite, Japan is the fastest satellite internet on the planet. Providing approximately 1.2 Gbps with a purpose of providing speed boost and internet connection even on worst disaster zones and far reached areas in Japan and Southeast Asia. The service will roll out on July after its setup process and once in position. Kizuna satellite is equipped with 2 multi-beam antennas, one for Japan and neighboring countries while the other is for the rest f the country in the Aisa-Pacific region. Another remarkable advancement for Japan, now the question is, who will be the next country to follow the lead?

World’s Fastest Jet-Powered Plane

For over 40 years now since it first flew. SR-71 Blackbird still remains to be the fastest military jet-powered plane until now. The official record was Mach 3.3 but many believe that it can go faster than that from records. Although there is a handful attempts to break the record like X-43 of NASA’s experimental aircraft that failed and the mysterious Aurora spy plane that some claim to exist but unidentified until now while, the fastest commercial airline on record was the Tupolev Tu-144. The commercial airline was also used by NASA to design its so-called High Speed Civil Transport that was phased out in 1999 due to economic constrains.

World’s Fastest and Largest SSD

Samsung just unveiled their 256GB solid state drive (SSD) using SATA II interface. They claimed this to be the world’s fastest and largest SSD. It has a read speed of 200 MB/s and write-speed of 160 MB/s, it’s faster than a typical hard drive. Mass production of the device is expected by the end of 2008. One best key feature of the device is the data encryption process that will prevent unauthorized access to the data stored. The size is much thinner and smaller than a regular HD. It’s only 9.5 mm thick and measures 100.3×69.85 mm.

World’s Fastest Typist

How many words per minutes can you type? In Oregon, the fastest typist in the world made a record of 212 wpm speed with error frequency of only two-tenths of one percent, using a Dvorak keyboard. Barbara Blackburn still holds the record to be the fastest typist in the world. She worked at several law firms and offices. She even starred in a TV commercial by Apple and made a TV appearance at the David Letterman show. She died last April of 2008 holding the title of the fastest typist in the world that no one can break until today.

Fastest Train in the World

France holds the record to have the fastest wheeled train in the world. France’s TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) reach the speed of 357.2 MPH. Running at around 31,000 volts on test conditions. However, the train only runs at 300 km/hr on normal condition which is still the highest speed for regular passenger service. When it comes to Maglev trains or magnetically levitating train, China’s Shanghai Transrapid maglev holds the highest speed record reaching 581 km/h or 361 mph. That’s approximately 11 hours travel from east to the west coast of the US. The train was manufactured by a Japanese firm. It uses electromagnetic force to suspend and guide the train.

Fastest Residential Internet Connection

The world’s fastest residential internet connection can be found nowhere else but the world leader in globalization, Sweden. Sigbritt Löthberg, a 75-year old woman owns the fastest internet connection in the world. Her 40 Gigabits per second connection can download a full length high definition movie in just 2 seconds. What’s her secret? She is using a modulation technique that transfers data directly to two different routers two thousand kilometers apart. She is no ordinary woman either. Peter Löthberg, an internet legend in Sweden who now currently works for Cisco, is her son. The demonstration is to show that there are more possibilities out there more than the ordinary copper wire networks.

Everything High Speed From AirfestJoplin to High Speed Internet Service Providers

This blog will be dedicated to everything high speed, from souping up your jet airplane, car or internet service provider access, we will report on it. There have been so many questions going unanswered online about helping increase speed. And some of the information out there is very good, but hard to find. So we will create some categories to help organize the information out there so that it becomes useful for anyone looking for high speed. We’ll soon launch a category related to increasing speed for your high speed internet service providers. No matter what type of connection you are running, there are things you can do to improve performance without spending a penny.