Featured DSL Providers

Life in the Fast Lane: AT&T Uverse

Quicker speeds and awesome extras are conveniently at your fingertips when you subscribe to AT&T’s fiber optic Internet delivery service. At&t U-verse promotions allows customers to bundle their cable, telephone, and Internet access on to one bill.  Uverse also boasts at providing its Internet subscribers to AT&T Mail plus, which gives 2GB of storage, as well as up to ten email addresses. Added security features like customizable parental controls and firewall security keep you and your family safe online. Also, at no additional costs, Uverse customers can enjoy free home wireless networking, which will give all of your users access to the many extras that come with the service.

DSL Technology – A New Era For Internet Providers

The leading DSL access providers like At&t and Verizon are paving the way we access the internet. Digital Subscriber Line or DSL technology has come a long way since its inception. When DSL was first introduced, the signal was transmitted through existing phone lines, many of which where old and outdated. As time went by, these DSL pioneers invested huge amounts of money in laying down new lines and infrastructure. This is when DSL became competitive with cable internet. In fact one of the advantages is that DSL delivers a constant speed and does not drop when others in your neighborhood access the internet. So what is next? We’ll both At&t and Verizon are rapidly expanding fiber optic internet technology and have begun to offer “super fast internet” with speeds reaching 30 Mbps. Traditional DSL & Cable ranges between 5 and 7 Mbps. AttUverse has been quickly picking up new customers with some amazing features on both TV and Internet. Verizon FiOS is doing the same with their fiber to the home technology. Its a good idea to read reviews and compare DSL providers before you make a buying decision. The best part about it is that both providers have amazing promotions and cash back offers to make this new technology accessible to those innovators that enjoy the best in life.