Finding High Speed Internet Providers in Your Area

Finding internet service is certainly not difficult, as there are many providers and choices.  It is important, however, to verify that the service is available in your area.  As much as you might want a particular package, if the provider is not in your immediate area you just won’t get it – at least not yet! High speed internet providers are constantly expanding their territory, and doing all they can to remain competitive. Still, verify that the service is available before you go too deeply into the process of comparisons.

Most providers have a place on their website for you to enter your zip code and see if your neighborhood is covered.  It can be really frustrating to find that the service in the next zip code does not reach you!  Nevertheless, you still have plenty of choices.  The major service providers cover a wide area, so at the very least you can decide between cable and DSL providers for high speed service. Your area will also determine if bundled services are available or desirable, or if you are better off just going with the best high speed provider you can find.

Check the larger and well known providers first, such as Verizon and AT&T.  It’s easy to check and see what they offer in your area.  You can see all the different services they provide.  Chances are you’ll be interested in Verizon FIOS or ATT U-verse if you want the highest speeds and bundled options.  If these are not available for you, these companies have alternatives for different areas, and they come with bundles too.   You will also want to compare these to some of the cable internet providers, such as Qwest, Charter, Comcast, and Time Warner.

Be sure to check out all the major Internet Service Providers that interest you.  Compare speed, cost, and added bonuses such as security software, modems, and wireless.  You’ll find there are many choices, no matter where you live. Whether you are looking for just an ISP, or a bundled service with phone and television, the choices vary and your costs may be offset by generous rebates or periods of free service.