Email Defense: Satellite vs. Hi Speed and Dial Up ISPs

Are Satellite Internet Service Providers better than Hi Speed Dial Up ISP Providers when it comes to e-mail protection? Some hi speed Internet access providers filter e-mails for viruses, spam, and illicit content, which can be very convenient for families that want to avoid such content, especially with small kids in the home. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that your broadband provider will only filter and monitor e-mails coming in through the address your ISP has provided for you. It is very likely your family is using a different e-mail for communication. Yahoo and Hotmail, as well as Gmail, are some of the most popular online e-mail programs being used by people every day. Why? Simply because they are free and offer many advantages like being able to access your email from anywhere. So the long and the short is that neither satellite internet service providers nor hi speed dial up isp’s have you covered unless you only use their email. You should look into the security measures put in place by each provider if you are planning on only using their email. Once you set up spam filtering options, your family will be much safer when checking their e-mails. Hi Speed Dial Up ISP Providers offer spam and email virus protection. Please note the difference between spam and email virus protection. Spam refers to emails from unwanted sources or people you never gave permission to email you. Virus protection for you email refers to a check of the content of your email against a database of know viruses. NetZero, PeoplePC, and Juno offer some level of email virus protection. But you can pick the needle in the haystack by checking if any of the ISP’s offer a branded security package like Norton

Satellite Internet Service Providers

Both HughesNet and WildBlue offer some form of email defense. Some claim to use state of the art technology that catches up to 98% of spam. They also generally have different levels to control how aggressively you want to treat spam email. WildBlue for example has 3 levels of spam protection. The only way to be sure is to see how many of your legitimate emails get caught in the filters and then adjust.