Speed-up Your ISPs Connection

here are several things you can do to increase the speed at which you connect to the internet. So no matter if you are connecting through dialup or through Comcast Broadband or Other DSL Specials you should notice a difference.The easiest first thing you can do to increase the speed at which websites load on your PC is to install Google Web Accelerator. What I like about this new Google tool is that it will actually tell you how much time you saved by using it. If I can save 15 minutes a day, in my industry, that is extremely valuable. And that 15 minutes is while accessing the internet with a cable connection. Imagine what it could do on dial-up. Basically what happens is Google compresses files on the web prior to sending them to your browser. No need to complicate the process, right? And it is from a trusted source so you don’t have to worry about downloading any viruses or anything else for that matter. In a nutshell, smaller amounts of data are being transmitted therefore increasing the speed at which you can view sites.

Many of you may still be under the impression that explorer is the only reliable web browser out there. There are a number of new browsers in the marketplace that you can download for free, but a few have really began to acquire a excellent reputation. Mozilla Firefox for instance not only is a faster web browser but has a ton of features that you can add to make your web browsing life easier. If you are a beginner and all you want is speed, then I recommend you don’t add any features because they will tend to slow things down a bit if you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t un-install explorer because from time to time you may run into a site that has some quirks when viewing it with Firefox. But nowadays, most webmasters optimize sites for both browsers.

Windows is currently based on NT technology that was designed for internal (short term) communication purposes, not communication over the internet. So many of the settings on your PC are optimized for this purpose. You could always optimize your registry and TCP settings yourself, but this is rocket science so if you don’t know what you are doing it is not recommended to mess with either of them. If you have the technical expertise then you may want to make a backup and venture onward. Speedguide.net has a download that can configure these things automatically so be sure to check them out if you choose this option to increase your speed. Also be sure to check with your ISP for recommended configurations for your PC & Browser. Time Warner Road Runner High Speed for example has some good technical recommendations.

Why pay top dollar for your high speed internet access if you are not getting top performance.

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