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Does Your Mobile Hotspot Deliver?

If you live in an area with no land line internet service, and you’ve found that satellite may not offer the right speed or price for you, you may have found a solution in the form of mobile hotspots. These devices, also called MiFi and aircards, can provide a faster internet connection than dial-up. But depending on the density of cell towers and their signals, the reception could be intermittent, leaving you with a costly aircard that simply doesn’t do the job. While you may be thinking about returning your hotspot, there are some troubleshooting tips that may offer a solution.

The Signal Booster

These devices work in conjunction with an aircard to intensify your internet signal. They do cost a moderate amount of up-front – up to $400 – but they can improve all kinds of cellular signals. Boosters are essentially antennas that are mounted on the outside of the home and then connected indoors to a receiver.

The Repurposed Booster

Another solution could be to use a booster in a different way. For example, you could purchase a booster made specifically to boost the cell phone signal in a vehicle for home use. These types of boosters can work well with MiFi systems, and can come in at a lot less than boosters designed for home use. However, you will need to be aware that most only work over 3G connections.